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Gems of information about TV and Radio in the '50s. Most of them sent in by our visitors.
The following Snippets pages hold information which is not always specific to a particular programme but is of general interest, or perhaps anecdotes from those involved in broadcasting during the '50s. So if you have anything to contribute, please send them to us!

Snippet Contributor Subject / Programme
Hilary Stout (February 2022) Memories of The Coronation
Geoff Margetts (January 2021) Advert Memories
Joan Westwood (November 2017) Childhood Memories of 1940s/1950s
Keith (December 2016) The way Christmas once was!
Max Gibson (August 2016) Take It From Here - The Keynotes
Naidia Woolf (January 2016) Listening to BBC
Derek Slater (January 2014) Whirligig Art Competition Entry
Ian Moody (April 2013) The Windmill Family
Chris Green (April 2013) Garry Halliday
William Brown (October 2012) The Fifties Cinema Experience
Allen Warrender (March 2012) Childhood Memories
David Mitchell (October 2011) Memories of Tony Mercer and The Minstrels
Brian Cooke (September 2011) Tim and Bengo
Peter Starr (September 2011) Memories of 'Tonight' and 'Here Today'
Barbara G (September 2011) Listen with Mother
TG (July 2010) Windy blows himself to the top
Chris Duff (August 2009) 1950s Theatre - John Osborne
Pam Germundson (June 2009) Wartime memories of Richard Hearne
Anthony A. (November 2008) Sawdust in my Veins
Calvin Watson (November 2008) Stanley Watson & Diane - Magic's Royal Couple
Kevin Flynn (July 2008) Programme Parade of 1948
Alex Balmforth (June 2008) A Background to the Fifties
William Brown (May 2008) The Halls of Montezuma
Bernard Keeffe (April 2008) Bernard Keeffe's Amusing Anecdotes
Mike Plant (January 2008) Memories of Jerry Allen
TG (June 2007) Meet the Thompsons
Brian Moseley (February 2007) BBC Children's Television Caravan
Alex Balmforth (August 2006) Bill Bramwell - An appreciation
Noel Kent (May 2006) Resurrection of a Bush DAC 90 wireless set
Alex Balmforth (April 2006) Skiffle
Alex Balmforth (March 2006) Design and the 1951 'Festival of Britain'
Barry Lorimer (March 2006) Storytime
Alex Balmforth (March 2006) The Fifties - A very British decade
Mrs. Sam Pease (February 2006) The Woman's Hour House
Ian Payne / Gary Morgan (January 2006) Richard Wattis Biography
Margaret Hawthorn (December 2005) Memories of 'Top of the Form'
Jeff Wilkins (September 2005) I Remember....
Gordon Butler (June 2005) The First Commercial
Rob Catt (May 2005) A visit to 6:5 Special
Alan Thompson (February 2005) "The Broadcasting Files"
Ray Flight (January 2005) Endless Summers and Trolleybuses - Personal Memories
TG (November 2004) Man of Properties
SDD (October 2004) Christmas 1950 Childrens' TV Highlights
TG (August 2004) The Background to Operation X
Alex Balmforth (July 2004) Popular Music
A.J. (July 2004) Soap Opera?
William Brown (May 2004) Fifties Drama Serials
John Rees (March 2004) Television Top of the Form
Ossie Dales (February 2004) The Night of the 27th.
William Brown (December 2003) "A good decade to bury!"
TG (November 2003) Spot the Fault
Tony Taylor (August 2003) The Listeners' Brains Trust
TG (June 2003) Jennifer Gay, Children's TV announcer, leaves the BBC
Marcus Lidell (June 2003) Memories of Alvar Lidell
Michael Storey (June 2003) Steve Race on Whirligig
Jim Wall (January 2003) EC Peasy
Michael Storey (January 2003) Horace Batchelor
Various Message Board
(December 2002)
A Question of Christmas
Robin (November 2002) Growing up in the Fifties. I Can't believe we made it!
Jim Wall (November 2002) Fings ain't what they used to be!
TG (October 2002) Big Ben overhaul 1956
TG (October 2002) Pictures from a helicopter
Anon (May 2002) '50s Poem
Alan Giles (April 2002) A Life of Bliss
Alan Giles (February 2002) The Worst Programme Ever!
TG (December 2001) Watch out for TV Teeth!
TG (December 2001) Something you'll be looking at tonight
TG (December 2001) Dick Barton faces a fight for survival
Jangle1 (November 2001) Philip Harben
TG (October 2001) Hail and Farewell
Jon Dudley (October 2001) Away from it all

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