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Memories of 'Tonight' and 'Here Today'

I have just been watching your nostalgic and beautiful clips of bygone days. I remember TONIGHT so well when I was was 11 and living in a small town called Brockenhurst in the New Forest. I used to watch 'Tonight' on a neighbour's TV set as, at that time, we had not acquired one but did months later have a rented one (yes rented one!). My rented piano had to go back in order to have a television for the whole family to enjoy. Happy days all the same.

By the way the 'other' channel had a similar program with Joseph Cooper called 'Here Today' also at the same time of 6.45 pm. When I was 14 years old, in 1962, I met Joseph Cooper for an audition at Brislington TV studios. I.t was budget day and I was at the back of the studio sitting on a bench or orange box, however I cannot recall which, and it went out live. A new camera for seeing in the dark was demonstrated. A candle lit up for the camera when the studio lights were turned off.

Peter Starr
London UK

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