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Memories of 'Top of The Form'

Dear Mr.Turnip,

My sister and I used to sit at the table with the wireless on and listen to 'Top of the Form', it used to be the highlight of our week.  The wireless had an accumulator that we had to take to the village store each week to get it charged up and collect another in its place.  We used to have a Tilley lamp on the table and we would turn it up high so that we could see to write our answers down on a piece of paper and then our mother would come in and tell us that the mantle was smoking because we had turned it up too high.  We each used to answer all the questions for both teams and then see who had the most correct answers. We  learnt such a lot from this quiz and getting something wrong was an actual bonus because you were then told the answer and hence your general knowledge increased. Competition, such a good thing in those days but frowned upon now in case someone is disappointed at not winning.  I love the television programme 'Test the Nation' and am generally pleased with my score, knowledge which I learnt as a child and remains with me to this day.  It is a popular programme so producers take note there is still a call for competition!

Best wishes,

Margaret Hawthorn.

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