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Resurrection of a Bush DAC 90 wireless set

Bakelite box,
Bought ‘54,
Spoke out the News
In days of yore.

Old John Snagge,
Alvar Lidell,
Their starched crisp tones
I knew well.

Twenty-four years
Without complaint,
By ‘78, though,
Getting faint.

A bang and a pop,
A rubbery smell,
From then on feeling
Rather unwell.

Then up went my ghost
And sadly I died,
But no one mourned me,
Never cried.

The years rolled on -
Nearly twenty-eight -
Bleak oblivion,
My dusty fate:

Cupboards, attics,
A garage chill:
A fate worse than death
Or just being ill.

But, hey presto, one day
Came the Internet –
A far cry indeed
From a superhet!

But through it, that marvel,
Came to be found
A repairer in Yorkshire,
Able and sound.

So off I went
In a big cardboard box,
All packed up –
Polystyrene blocks!

Finally in
October ‘05
As in the fifties
I came alive.

No Home or Third
Or good old Light,
But still Radio Four Long Wave
Every night.

To Tom and Will,
My owner’s sons,
I boom out bold
As I did once

To their Dad
When, as a boy,
My deep, rich voice
Filled with him with joy.

With my choir of valves
I sing out this day:
Resurrection now!!
DAC 90A!!


By Noel Kent
8th March 2006

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