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Something you'll be looking at tonight

Here in the picture on the right is what you will see on your TV screen tonight in place of the BBC's Coat of Arms which opens up programmes at present.

Thirty-nine year old Abram Games, who designed it - he designed the Festival of Britain emblem - says it will be a bit frightening at first.

"But when you get used to it I'm sure it'll be quite all right." he told me last night.

The whole thing moves in three different directions. What viewers will see is a film of a brass model in movement.

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It seems to twist and turn. Eyelids and an eyeball in the middle mean VISION: the flashes of lightening at the sides mean electrical FORCE.

The sign has been specially prepared so that it can also be used when colour TV arrives - in two or three years - and it will sometimes be seen during intervals.

'Prestige Job'

Mr. Games said : "The fee wasn't very much. It's really a prestige job and I'd charge a lot more if I were asked to do it for commercial television.

"It's the most advanced job I've ever done and it took me over two months."

Mr. Games has no TV set, "But I shall go round and see it at a friend's." he said.

From an article in the Daily Mirror 1953

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