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'The Windmill Family' by Pamela Brown

Pamela Brown was fifteen when she wrote her first book, 'The Swish of the Curtain' - the story of some children who start their own theatre. She was always interested in the theatre, and under the stage name of Mela Brown, she acted in repertory, films and broadcasting before becoming a producer of plays on BBC Children's Television.

She died in 1989 aged 64.

Serial adapted for BBC Children's Television in 5 episodes of 30 minutes each in 1954.

When the Channings are faced with having to sell their beloved windmill, Kate and Colin must find a way for their family to be able to afford to keep their home before school vacation ends. This is a delightful story of a brother & sister's attempts to keep their family from having to sell the windmill they live in and move to a regular town and live in a regular house.

The cast was:

Barbara Cochran as Mrs. Channing
Diana Day as Kate Channing
Glyn Dearman as Colin Channing
Norah Gorsen as Celia
Clem Lister as Mr. Channing
Ronald Moody as Puffin
George Skillan as Uncle Porteous

Some pictures exist of some of the rehearsals at the Shepherd's Bush Theatre for this serial:

Having a break from rehearsals
(l. to r.) George Skillan, Diana Day, Glyn Dearman, Ronald Moody and Norah Gorsen

During rehearsals
(l. to r.) Diana Day, Ronald Moody, Glyn Dearman, Ronald Moody, Norah Gorsen and the Writer/Producer Pamela Brown.

Photos courtesy of Ian Moody (son of Ronald Moody)

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