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"A good decade to bury!". A rant by William Brown.

I think it fair to say that this particular website has well and truly shown up 1950s' TV as being the B.B.C's Achilles heel, but I don't think they want this fact advertised. It doesn't suit the "right on" spin of a forward thinking digital frontrunner.

The cold blooded and short sighted wiping of some of the best stuff ever broadcast during this decade,and the following one, must have been the greatest act of cultural vandalism in this country other than the wanton demolition of hundreds of stately homes after the war. No wonder they want to keep it under wraps. Or is it just ignorance of a lost treasure trove. Failure to film important and ground breaking programmes contemporaneously seems to be equally as culpable.

Look at the Beeb's website and the Fifties is extremely thin gruel. You will be cunningly led back to something resembling a puff for a present day programme in an ingenious loop. Try it and see!

I am now convinced that the combined "remembered" knowledge of the visitors to this website, scant as even that may be, is far outweighing the actual "recorded on paper" knowledge of the Fifties by current B.B.C. staff.

O.K., it was fifty years ago and I'll concede the relevant factor re age, but even so ,there appears no interest by The Corporation to research this era.

A good decade to bury along with the dark deeds!

And that ends the William Brown rant for tonight, folks.

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