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Fings ain't what they used to be!

Has all innocence gone as we pass through the years,
As the time flows along like a stream,
Have we lost all the fun and the laughter and tears,
As the world slips away in a dream.

When we knew what was right and we knew what was wrong,
And there’s never a thing in between,
Have we lost all the sunshine and rainbows and song,
And the love we once shared isn’t seen.

When Christmastime gifts were a sockful of fruit,
Or a cowboy hat, teddy or sleigh.
Do batteries included or computer to boot,
Mean we no longer know how to play.

When the world smelled of roast beef and Yorkshire and fun,
Of Oxydol, Marmite and stout.
Not pulverised cow in a sesame bun,
Or Cantonese meals carried out.

The Adventures of Robin Hood on the TV,
Or Quatermass, Lassie and Bengo.
With Whirligig, Take Your Pick, I love Lucy,
Lone Ranger and trusty friend Tonto.

And ecstasy came on the night of your wedding,
Not popped into the mouth as a pill.
When soaps were for washing the face or the bedding,
And bars were for coffee or grill.

When getting your rations meant queuing for meat,
And gay meant you just felt quite bright,
When knocking a friend up meant waking a mate,
And streets were still safe in the night.

To go all the way was to stay on the bus,
And a big mac was something you wore.
When grass was still something you mowed without fuss,
And we still had respect for the law.

When coke was still kept in a shed not a bottle,
And a stud was to fasten your shirt.
When giving it one was to wind up the throttle,
And the old folk weren’t treated like dirt.

Making yourself high was done on roller coasters,
A quick flash still cleaned kitchen floors,
And crumpet was something you put into toasters,
And locks were not needed on doors.

So where have we gone between cradle and hearse,
We’ve made ourselves better they say,
But if this is better, then I want to be worse,
Let’s bring back the fifties today!

A poem by Jim Wall

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