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A message which was posted anonymously on the Whirligig Message Board, reproduced here for your enjoyment:

Roller skates, 78's, skipping rope, Kaleidoscope,
11 plus, Trolley Bus, Highway Patrol, Rock 'n Roll,
Rin Tin Tin, Errol Flynn, Cap Gun, Radio Fun,
High Noon, Pat Boone, Amos 'n Andy, Andy Pandy,
Bob Hope, Camay Soap, Noel Coward, Frankie Howard,
Joe Loss, Candy Floss, Educating Archie, Liberace,
Grace Kelly, Black and White Telly, Keil Kraft, George Raft,
Frankie Vaughn, Kenneth Horne, Jeffrey Hunter, Billy Bunter,
Edmundo Ros, Stirling Moss, Danny Kaye, Doris Day,
Four Minute Mile, Valentine Dyall, Dan Dare, Rupert Bear,
Katie Boyle, Olive Oyl, Al Martino, Dandy and Beano,
Tennessee Ernie, Mike and Bernie, Ovaltine, Terry Dene,
George Dixon, David Nixon, Dinky Toys, Teddy Boys,
Roy 'n Trigger, Bardot's figure, Johnny Ray, Down Your Way,
Humphrey Lestoq, Alfred Hitchcock, Hans and Lottie Hass, Alfie Bass,
Tommy Steele, The Potter's Wheel, Mr Quelch, Leslie Welch,
Anthony Eden, Bert Weedon, Micky Rooney, Rosemary Clooney,
Charlie Gracie, Spencer Tracy, Gabby Hayes, Motorways,
Janet Leigh, Typhoo Tea, Sabrina, Ribena,
Jet Morgan, Cinema Organ, Colonel Parker, Eric Barker,
Carlo Ponti, Harry Belafonte, Tom Dooley, Anthony Newley,
Elsie 'n Doris, Jewell and Warris, Chicken pox, Luminous socks,
Elton Hayes, The Good Old Days, William Tell, Carousel,
Victor Silvester, Matt 'n Chester, Coates' Cider, The Range Rider,
Steve Reeves, Jimmy Greaves, Robert Horton, Charles Laughton,
Bebe Daniels, Christmas Annuals, Billy Fury, Juke Box Jury,
Bugs Bunny, Double Your Money, Palm Toffee, Camp Coffee,
Wilfred and Mable, Clark Gable, Armand and Michaela, Derek Guyler,
John Wayne, Frankie Laine, Cinema Queues, Singing the Blues,
Mario Lanza, I've finished this stanza!

Reynolds News, Singing the Blues, Picture Post, Sunday Roast,
Henry Hall, Berlin Wall, Gene Autry, Charles Hawtrey,
Ladybird Books, Newman's look, Norman Mailer, Robert Taylor,
Four Feather Falls, Vernons Pools, Ken Dodd, Richard Todd,
Eisenhower, Tyrone Power, Iron Curtain, Richard Burton,
Hula Hoops, Heinzs' Soups, Marghanita Lasky, Arthur Askey,
Ruby Murray, Fred Mc Murray, old steam irons, Life with the Lyons,
Ray's a Laugh, old tin bath, Gary Cooper, Pea Souper,
Perry Como, Tide and Omo, Elvis the King, Bob and Bing,
B Western, Charlton Heston, Last train to San Fernando!, Marlon Brando

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