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William Russell as Sir LancelotHandsomely mounted, for its time, costume series following the gallant exploits of Queen Guinevere's champion during the days of King Arthur and the Round Table at Camelot

William Russell starred as the dashing Sir Lancelot du Lac, Robert [Bobby] Scroggins as Brian, Jane Hylton was Queen Guinevere and Cyril Smith played Merlin, with Bruce Seton, succeeded by Ronald Leigh-Hunt, as King Arthur.

The adventures usually consisted of rescuing kidnapped knights, kidnapped queens and, preferably, kidnapped princesses in towers.

The series was exceptional for the dramatic fight scenes and the seventh century period detail, which was based on specially commissioned research from Oxford University.


  Merlin and Lancelot with King Arthur


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1950's Books based on the series

The full series is released on DVD

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