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Roger Moore as Ivanhoe

Roger Moore starring Roger Moore

with Robert Brown as Gurth

Given British TV's penchant for swashbuckling saga in the fifties, it was inevitable that Sir Walter Scott's novel about the knightly scourge of evil King John would sooner or later be adapted.

Cast in the role of the medieval chivalric-hero-on-a-white-charger was Roger Moore, then an unknown, but destined to follow up the sizeable transatlantic success of Ivanhoe with The Alaskans, Maverick, The Saint, The Persuaders and several James Bond films.

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Roger Moore

Roger Moore - Ivanhoe
Robert Brown - Gurth
Peter Gilmore - Waldo Ivanhoe
Andrew Keir - Prince John
John Pike - Bart
Bruce Seton - King Richard
Paul Whitsun Jones - Sir Maverick

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