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Children's Adventure Series

The Adventures of

William Tell and sonWilliam Tellstarred Conrad Phillips in the title role, with Jennifer Jayne as Hedda Tell, Nigel Green as Tell's burly pal Fertog (The Bear) and Willoughby Goddard as the evil Landburgher Gessler. Richard Rogers played Tell's son Walter.

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This was a tights and arrows epic, set in fourteenth century Switzerland in a town called Altdorf. Tell's legendary act of marksmanship, shooting an apple off his son's head, was relived in episode one. Willoughby Goddard played the thoroughly perfidious and corpulent Austrian Governor who, to capture and kill Tell, used every dirty trick conceivable, including assassins disguised as resistance heroes and kidnapping Tell's wife, Hedda.William Tell

Gessler never got his man, and as solace ate vast amounts of food. Scene after scene saw him stuffing his face with meat.

The series was partly filmed in Snowdonia.

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The full series is available on DVD

Robert Shaw in The BuccaneersTHE BUCCANEERS

starring Robert Shaw as Dan Tempest.

TV's first pirate series, featured swashbuckling adventure on land and high seas.

Set in the West Indies in the 1720's, The Buccaneers told the rousing tale of reformed pirate Dan Tempest, who had been the leader of a band of freebooters in the British Caribbean province of New Providence, as he battled against buccaneers and Spanish attack after being persuaded by Lt. Beamish (Peter Hammond), the new deputy governor, to switch sides and fight on behalf of the Crown.

Armando (Edwin Richfield), Taffy (Paul Hansard) and Gaff (Brian Rawlinson) were all loyal members of Tempest's swashbuckling crew. Dickon (Wilfrid Downing), a stowaway-turned cabin-boy and Captain Morgan, Tempest's pet monkey also featured.

Esteban (Roger Delgado) was one of the Spanish principals.

The series, unusually, did not introduce its hero until episode three! Tempest's brig was called 'The Sultana'.

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The full series is available on DVD


Terence Morgan and Jean KentTerence Morgan as Sir Francis DrakeStarred Terence Morgan

with Jean Kent as Queen Elizabeth I, Patrick McLoughlin as Richard Trevelyan, Michael Crawford as John Drake, Roger Delgado as Ambassador Mendoza and Alex Scott as Don Pedro

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Roger Delgado (left) as Ambassador Mendoza

The full series is available on DVD

Sword of Freedom'Sword of Freedom' (1957) - Adventures of a 15th century Italian Robin Hood starring Edmund Purdom as Marco deMonte, Adrienne Corri as Angelica, Rowland Bartrop as Sandro, Martin Benson as Duke de Medici and Monica Stevenson as Francesca. 39 episodes.
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George Dolenz as The Count of Monte Cristo'The Count of Monte Cristo' (1956) - starring George Dolenz as Edmond Dantes alias 'The Count of Monte Cristo'.

In 18th. Century France, Edmund Dantes had been wrongly convicted of crimes against the state and incarcerated in the infamous Chateau D'If. There, a dying prisoner told of treasure to be found on the island of Monte Cristo and Dantes broke free to take it for his own, setting himself up as a nobleman on the proceeds.

His two regular companions were the bearded mute Jacopo (played by the acrobatic Nick Cravat) and the stout Fortunio Bonanova. Also featured Robert Cawdron as Rico and Faith Demergue as Princess Anne. 39 episodes.

Robert Newton as Long John'The Adventures of Long John Silver' (1957)

A series made in Sydney, Australia starring Robert Newton with Kit Taylor as Jim Hawkins, the cabin boy, and Connie Gilcrist as Miss Purity Pinker, the owner of Long John's favorite pub, The Cask and Anchor. Governor Strong was played by Harvey Adams and other characters were Israel Hands, Billy Bowledge, Mendoza and Patch.

They worked on behalf of the Governor to thwart the advances of the Spanish fleet and to preserve the island of Portobello for the British Crown. A dash of treasure hunting was thrown in for good measure.

26 x 30 minute episodes.

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Robert Newton as Long John Silver   Kit Taylor as Jim Hawkins

The Scarlet Pimpernel'The Scarlet Pimpernel'(1955-56) - starring Marius Goring (centre right) as Sir Percy Blakeney in Baroness Orczy's tales of the late eighteenth century aristocrat who presented himself as a weakling and dandy to fashionable London society but was the daring Scarlet Pimpernel to the persecuted aristocracy in Robespierre's revolutionary France. 18 episodes.

Scene from 'The Gay Cavalier''The Gay Cavalier' (1957)

Costume action series set during the English Civil War starring French actor Christian Marquand (left) as the dashing swashbuckler Captain Claude Duval. 13 episodes.

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A new book celebrating the cult TV shows of Lew Grade's ITC, published by Plexus, will be available in bookshops from October 2006.
A section in the book is devoted to ITC's swashbuckling 1950s shows - Robin Hood, Sir Lancelot, The Buccaneers, William Tell, and The Invisible Man.
Those interviewed for the book recalling their memories of ITC's 1950s output include: Robin Hood's Maid Marian, Patricia Driscoll; Sir Lancelot himself William Russell; Jane Asher, a child actress at the time; Conrad Phillips, who starred as William Tell and Liza Daniely from Invisible Man.