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A visual introduction to the early programmes and the bits in between...

BBC Children's TV Introduction
Early 1950's Children's TV introduction
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BBC Children's TV Introduction
Another 1950's Children's TV introduction
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Watch with Mother, Click for 50's TV milestones
Watch with Mother
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1950's TV Milestones
Jennifer Gay
Jennifer Gay, early 1950's Children's TV announcer
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More about Jennifer Gay

Daughter of Molly Gay (actress) and Hugo Rignold (composer),
Jennifer was born on September 22 1935 and was aged just 14
when she began appearing as a children’s TV announcer from
June 1949.
In December 1949 she announced the first children’s programmes
transmitted from the Sutton Coldfield transmitter and was also
at the opening ofLime Grove Studios in May 1950.
Her final appearance, aged 17, was in May 1953 when she left
the BBC to continue ballet training.

  Click hereTelevision March
BBC Network theme 1946-1958

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Testcard C

This testcard was on your TV most of the time in the very early 1950's...
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BBC Clock

Then this clock appeared before the programmes began...
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and here we go!....

Interludes and Announcers...

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