In 2004 Guild Music started issuing a series of CDs featuring original recordings from the 1920s to the 1950s. As well as including many well-known pieces in the Light Music repertoire, the CDs also feature recordings being made available for the first time from the London music publishers’ mood music libraries. Many of the best-remembered signature tunes from the middle years of the last century originated in these libraries, and the following list features the pick from over 50 CDs – and the collection is still growing. In most cases the recording featured is the original version used by the BBC and other broadcasters.

Programme Tune title Guild cat. number
Barry Norman Hollywood Castles In The Air GLCD 5118
BBC Children’s programmes Scherzetto For Children GLCD 5144
BBC Light Programme intro [1] Oranges and Lemons GLCD 5139
BBC Light Programme intro [2] Oranges and Lemons GLCD 5139
BBC Overseas Service London Calling GLCD 5107
BBC Television opening march Television March GLCD 5104
BBC TV Children’s Newsreel Holiday Spirit GLCD 5120
BBC TV Evening Programmes Fantasy On National Airs GLCD 5151
BBC TV Interlude Angel Fish Rippling Waters GLCD 5112
BBC TV Interlude Potter’s Wheel Young Ballerina GLCD 5136
BBC TV Interlude Windmill Pastoral Montage GLCD 5145
Billy Cotton Band Show playout Legion Patrol GLCD 5139
Children’s Favourites Puffin’ Billy GLCD 5101
Countryside in January [etc…] Rivers of North of England GLCD 5139
Current Release Champagne March GLCD 5103
Destination Downing Street Call Of The Casbah GLCD 5151
Double Cross Double Cross theme GLCD 5139
Down Your Way Horse Guards – Whitehall GLCD 5121
Fabian Of The Yard playout Automation GLCD 5118
Family Favourites With A Song In My Heart GLCD 5101
George Melachrino First Rhapsody GLCD 5101
Hello Mum! Out Of Town March GLCD 5136
Highway Patrol Highway Patrol GLCD 5130
Housewives’ Choice In Party Mood GLCD 5120
In Town Tonight interval music Portrait Of A Flirt GLCD 5120
In Town Tonight star interview A Star Is Born GLCD 5149
ITMA ITMA Signature Tune GLCD 5149
ITV News Non Stop GLCD 5131
Jennings At School The Old Clockmaker GLCD 5135
London to Brighton in Four Minutes Sabre Jet GLCD 5115
Melody On The Move Melody On The Move GLCD 5102
Music In The Air Music In The Air GLCD 5102
Music While You Work Calling All Workers GLCD 5128
Paul Temple Coronation Scot GLCD 5120
Pearl & Dean Cinema Adverts Grand Vista GLCD 5124
Perry Mason Radio Luxembourg The Duel GLCD 5140
Picture Parade Picture Parade GLCD 5149
Quatermass closing music Inhumanity GLCD 5140
Seeing Sport Skippy GLCD 5125
Six Proud Walkers Six Proud Walkers GLCD 5146
South Wales and West TV March South Wales and West GLCD 5149
Stranger Than Fiction The Big Guitar GLCD 5126
Sunday Night at London Palladium Startime GLCD 5149
Superman US TV series World Of Tomorrow GLCD 5135
Top Of The Form Marching Strings GLCD 5103
Victory At Sea Song Of The High Seas GLCD 5123
Windjammers Seascape GLCD 5145

The above list is not intended to be fully comprehensive, and full tracklistings of all Guild Light Music CDs can be found on the Guild Music website:

These CDs are available worldwide from record shops, but in case of difficulty you can order direct from Guild Music.

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