Stephen Frears

Valerie Martin (novel)
Christopher Hampton (screenplay)


Julia Roberts ... Mary Reilly

John Malkovich ... Dr. Henry Jekyll / Mr. Edward Hyde
George Cole ... Mr. Poole the Butler

Michael Gambon ... Mary's Father
Kathy Staff ... Mrs. Kent

Glenn Close ... Mrs. Farraday

Michael Sheen ... Bradshaw
Bronagh Gallagher ... Annie
Linda Bassett ... Mary's Mother
Henry Goodman ... Haffinger
Ciarán Hinds ... Sir Danvers Carew (as Ciaran Hinds)
Sasha Hanau ... Young Mary Reilly
Moya Brady ... Young Woman
Emma Griffiths Malin ... Young Whore Mary
David Ross ... Doctor

I had been out of work for quite some time and I heard on the Grapevine that Tricky Tringham was doing this film at Pinewood so I phone him up.
‘’Come down Aitch, we’ll find a few days for you’’ he said.
Now as I’ve said I haven’t worked for a few months and I’ve been sitting in front of my word processor and I’m near the end of a script called, "If A Picture"..
(I haven’t worked and I haven’t shaved.

Now David Tringham was pleased with the way I looked and used me over the next couple of weeks..
I remember the first time Julia Roberts saw me she stood closer to her minder, (Big Ben) (Ben was a good pal of mine from the old days.)
I was in half a dozen scenes in the film and in one of them Tricky wanted me to hassle Julia and was shouting ‘’Get in her way Aitch, make her walk round you’’
The two weeks flew by and on the last day I thought I’d have a swift half in the Pinewood bar.
I saw a few faces I knew and they were telling me that they hadn’t worked for months so it was not only me that hadn’t been working.
I only have one pint of the black stuff as I’m not holding and folding (I’m skint) and make my way back to the 007 stage where the sets of Mary Reilly are..
I bump into a 1st A.D. (Chris) and he says, "Love the beard and long hair Aitch, I’m starting on a film called First Knight and I can use you for a couple of weeks. It’ll save on the wigs and make up."
(In sight in mind)
This just goes to prove a point. If you’re working in the studio people see you and will give you more work if you’re not there you’re history.
I go back on the set of Mary Reilly and tell Tricky what’s happened and he says "You should be working all the time Aitch, you’re value for money."
David Tringham is one nice man.


Jerry Zucker

Lorne Cameron & David Hoselton


Sean Connery ... King Arthur

Richard Gere ... Lancelot

Julia Ormond ... Guinevere

Ben Cross ... Prince Malagant
Liam Cunningham ... Agravaine

Christopher Villiers ... Sir Kay
Valentine Pelka ... Sir Patrise
Colin McCormack ... Sir Mador
Ralph Ineson ... Ralf

John Gielgud ... Oswald
Stuart Bunce ... Peter, King's Stableman
Jane Robbins ... Elise

Jean Marie Coffey ... Petronella

Paul Kynman ... Mark
Tom Lucy ... Sir Sagramore

I make my way to a place called Ivinghoe Beacon which sits on top of a big hill..
(It looks more like a small mountain than a hill to us ex city old boys)
They’ve built a village on the top of the hill and me and another fifty Supporting Artists are to be simple villagers.

It seems the bad guy (Ben Cross) is going to send his men in to rape and pillage our village. (That’s a sign of old age when your not invited to a good rape and pillage party anymore)
The scenes go like this…
All the villagers are scared when they see twenty men dressed in black (Bad guys) riding down the hill towards them. All of a sudden the horses stop at the entrance to the village and one of the cast members shouts to us, ‘’Why have they stopped?’’
My old mate (now deceased) Bill (hat and coat) shouts back ‘’’cause they haven’t had their Weetabix’’
This didn’t go down too well with the director but he carried on.
As the horses come charging in we all have to flee in all directions and try to hide.
The 1st A.D. Chris wants to give me a bit of business to do.
‘’Aitch, as the horses come charging past I want you to run across the path and take refuge in that barn. There should be six horses coming past you and you run across after the last one’’.
Six horses and run.. (A piece of piss)
I take my glasses off (I can’t see a thing without them) and I start to count the horses as they fly by. ‘’Four, five, six and run… BANG I’m up in the air, someone sent seven horses past. Myself and the horse didn’t get hurt, it was just another day at the office..


LOCH NESS…Director John Henderson…
Cast Inc…Ted Danson…Joeley Richardson…
Got called down to London History Museum for a night shoot and met up with a lot of old chums. I must say hello to J.C. (Johnny Clements) I hear you’re still singing on the cruise ships. My Hobson’s Choice (Voice) has long gone..
Ted Danson was a nice chap to speak to and I spent a lot of time talking to all the Supporting Artists about old times.

Penny Bloomfield gives me a couple of days work on this production and we film in a church in Bushey Herts..
Great big cast and the BBC production team doing what they do best.

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