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Prominent People in British Television

The men at the top in 1956
Gerald Beadle (BBC) Howard Thomas (ABC) Val Parnell (ATV John McMillan (ARTV) Sidney Bernstein (Granada))
Norman Collins Head of BBC Television until 13 October 1950. Took charge of Associated Television in 1954
George Barnes BBC's Director of Television from October 1950
Cecil McGivern BBC Controller of Television Programmes until 1961
Richard Dimbleby Commentator and presenter
Derek Burrell-Davis Leading OB producer - launched BBC TV in the North, returning to London in 1955. Specialised in circus OBs
Bill Cotton Contract LE producer with BBC from 1956. Produced Six-Five Special, Show Band Show, and his father's Billy Cotton Band Show
Denis Forman First producer to work on What The Papers Say
Paul Fox Scriptwriter for Television Newsreel; devised and edited Sportsview
Bimbi Harris Vision mixer and first woman to operate a TV camera at the BBC
Joan Kemp-Welch One of the first woman directors in TV, former theatre director who joined Associated-Rediffusion when it started, and won many major awards for her work
Bernard Wilkie and Jack Kine Visual effects pioneers. Creating the effects for George Orwell's 1984 was one of their biggest challenges during the '50s
Bill Ward Producer with BBC Television until 1955, then offered head of LE at ATV on Bob Hope's recommendation
Sir Kenneth Clark First chairman of the ITA
Harry Alan Towers Ex-Radio Normandie, Managing Director of Towers of London Ltd, one of the first independent production companies; made hundreds of film programmes for ATV
Howard Thomas Managing Director of ABC Television, and one of the greatest influences on ITV
Roy Thomson Canadian newspaper magnate who was first Chairman of Scottish Television - who once foolishly described having an ITV franchise as akin to 'having a licence to print money'
Aidan Crawley ITN's first Editor-in-Chief who created an entirely new kind of television news. He resigned when the ITV companies tried to trim down the news operations, and joined the BBC
Robin Day One of the first ITN newscasters
Christopher Chataway Former champion athlete, first ITN newscaster
Lord Townsend Chairman of Anglia, brought together the group and moulded one of the most respected of the ITV companies
Sydney Newman Head of Drama for ABC
Huw Wheldon Presenter of 'All Your Own' and Editor/Presenter of 'Monitor' also 'Portraits of Power', and 'Orson Welles' Sketchbook'. The first producer/presenter to become Managing Director of BBC Television.

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