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Originally alternating with Crackerjack, in the early days, and introduced by Eamonn Andrews with contributions from Tony Hart, Rolf Harris and Cliff Michelmore, Playbox was more of a kids panel game than Crackerjack!

One of the games involved watching a detective puzzle and working out where the criminal had made six fatal mistakes. The actor who played the policeman then came on at the end with a tray of orange squash for the contestants.

Rolf Harris appeared with his hand-puppet characters such as Perro Caliente (a dogfish), and Oliver Polip the Octopus made from Rolf's hand, with fingers acting as tentacles, and a simple face drawn on it with a little hat perched on top strapped around Rolf's wrist.

Rolf with Perro
Rolf with Oliver Polip

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