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From 1955, if it was Friday and five to five, that meant only one thing: CRACKERJACK!

From a Wednesday in 1955 to a Friday in 1984, BBC Childrens Television produced one of the most popular childrens' programmes ever: Crackerjack! It first arrived on our screens on September 9th 1955 with presenter Eamonn Andrews (who mimed during the singing) and guests including Joe Baker, Jack Douglas, The Balloon Man and The Harry Parry Sextet.

Eamonn Andrews and Ronnie Corbett

This was a show with everything - corny jokes, pop star guests, the singalong finale and 'Double or Drop', the game where kid's arms were piled high with prizes if they answered questions correctly or with cabbages if they got them wrong. And of course there were the celebrated Crackerjack pencils.

Double or Drop

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Theme Tune

Peter Glaze and Leslie Crowther

Leslie Crowther and Peter Glaze (above) began a long association with the programme in 1960. Ronnie Corbett also started out on his long career by appearing in this programme.

Double or Drop Prizes

There were always female assistants on hand who would help with the competitions and appear in the sketches. Pip Hinton and Jillian Comber were two of these.

A Leslie Crowther Tribute site

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