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No Hiding Place (1959-67)

Det. Ch. Supt. Lockhart and Det. Sgt. Baxter
Detective Chief Superintendent Lockhart (Raymond Francis) and Detective Sergeant Baxter (Eric Lander)

No Hiding Place was ITV's best known early police drama series and starred Raymond Francis as Detective Chief Superintendent Tom Lockhart with Det. Sgt. Baxter (Eric Lander), Det. Sgt. Russell (Johnny Briggs), Det. Sgt. Perryman (Michael McStay) and Det. Sgt. Gregg (Sean Caffrey, in picture below).

Launched in 1959, No Hiding Place was one of television's most successful series, and a tremendous amount of hard work and research went into it. A former Scotland Yard detective, Glyn Davies, was appointed consultant, publicity assuring viewers that the co-operation of Scotland Yard had, in any case, been secured for the series.

Like Dixon of Dock Green, there was a sustained attempt to reflect the real world of police work, including the lengthy time-span that might occur between crime and arrest. If anything, No Hiding Place suggested that crime fighting had some of the characteristics of military planning. 236 one hour episodes of 'No Hiding Place' were made.

Lockhart's popularity had grown from two earlier series. First 'Murder Bag' (1957-59) which introduced Lockhart. The black briefcase, seen in close-up behind the opening titles, provided him with the equipment needed to gather forensic evidence. Over 70 items were kept in the bag ranging from airtight jars to tweezers and the transmissions were live. This was followed in 1959 by 'Crime Sheet' where more than murder was investigated.

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