."The Aspidistra Drawing Room Orchestra"

We are pleased to reproduce a series of recordings on LONDON LIGHT
MUSIC ONLINE, with due acknowledgement.

Virtual Aspidistra Concert - 25th May 2020: "Beguine and Bugatti"


• Whistling Rufus   Kerry Mills (arr Roland Anderson)
• Stringing Along   Eddie Tower (arr Adam Bakker)
• Melodie Beguine   Johan Ĝian (arr Adam Bakker)
• At the Codfish Ball   Lew Pollack (arr Adam Bakker)
• Ungarish   Jo Knümann
• The Bugatti Step   Jaroslav Ježek (arr Adam Bakker)
• Thistledown   Haydn Wood
• Launische Geige   Hans Zander
• Blue Tango   Leroy Anderson
• I’ve Joined the Squirrel Family   Helen Trix (arr Lix Menezes)
• Moomin   Robert Farnon (arr Adam Bakker)

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