We have two current funding priorities in the Recreation Ground:

The Bandstand

The Victorian Bandstand - Click for larger picture

The bandstand is significant not just for the elegance of the structure and its setting, but also because it has been the scene of many famous musical events.

Perhaps most famous of all, in August 1969 David Bowie organised and played at the Beckenham Free Festival in the park, joined by a number of bands including the Strawbs. A link to the event is:


The bandstand was the product of McCallum & Hope Ltd of Glasgow from 1880 until 1921, an astonishing enterprise supplying all aspects of architectural ironwork. Many of the original designs of the foundry continue to be manufactured.

A condition survey has revealed that the bandstand is in reasonable condition but in need of repair and replacement of certain elements, especially the canopy, which has later addition roofing felt in poor condition. The coronet is a mixture of cast and wrought iron and is extensively corroded and in need of conservation repair. Repairs to rotten roof timberwork, roof coverings and ironwork with consequent redecoration are therefore an urgent priority, and this is a key priority of The Friends in their fundraising objectives.

For the latest information about this project including the passing of the planning consent, please see the dedicated Bandstand project page of our site.

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The Children's Paddling Pool

The Paddling Pool - Click for larger picture

The pool is well past its designed life and badly needs rebuilding/replacement. This is the only local paddling pool in the district and is extremely popular in the summer months.

It has continued to be repaired as necessary over the past few years, however the current facility is costly to maintain and has reached a point where ongoing maintenance of the deteriorating structure is becoming uneconomical.

A possible replacement design is shown below with new water features, plumbing and drainage and would obviously need to be funded.

Please help us to retain this very popular facility if you possibly can.

Design options incl. costs

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