There are many people, without whom, this book would never have been written. Their encouragement and interest has kept me going during the long and, sometimes, laborious process of working my way through my life and committing all my memories to paper.

I am very fortunate to have many fans all around the world and I would also like to say thank you to all of you for supporting me and supplying me with many images and anecdotes, many of which I had forgotten, which have all helped to jog my memory and allowed me to include them in my book.

The book is certainly a result of the work and dedication of two people in particular:

Terry Guntrip. Terry is the driving force behind the setting-up and running of my web-site. Terry created this forum for my work has kept the site up-to-date and interesting for everyone that visits and has been of invaluable help to me. I am sure the number of fans I have accumulated over the years is in no small way down to his skill and dedication and Terry deserves every credit for all his hard work.

Many people have asked me when I was going to put all my memories down in book form and although it was always something I was interested in, the huge amount of work required had somewhat put me off.

Clive Saunders offered to do all the donkey work and formulate my work and memories into a readable form. Having seen his previous film-related work on various website and other publications, I was more than happy to let him have a go and over the following weeks and months, his patience and hard work in writing, re-writing and editing the many words we have written, have enabled us to come up with the book you are holding now. We have enjoyed the ‘odd-half or three’ during the journey and have become good friends along the way.

My sincere thanks to Terry and Clive.

Additionally, there are a number of other film and television fan-based web-sites that continue to promote my work and allow their many followers to keep in touch with me on a regular basis.

The Sweeney Forum, Brit Movies, On The Buses, Doctor Who, Minder Forum, The Mausoleum Club, Steptoe and Son, Roobarb's DVD Forum, Classic British Sitcoms, International Movie Database (IMDb), The Champions Fan Club, Cliff Harris and everyone who has contributed photos to my Facebook page and film or television programme clips to You Tube.

Thank you very much to you all.

Harry Fielder - My career in British films and TV
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