HI-DE-HI!…Director John Kilby…BBCTV…

Nice to be back at the BBC and doing an audience show.
I’ve only got a couple of lines to say but it’s good to see John Kilby again.
We done a lot of work over the years when he was a production manager.
This episode must be one of the last of this series so it was nice to be aboard.
I meet lots of people I know in the canteen and they ask me how the shop’s going.
I tell them fine. (I don’t want to lose face).

KING AND CASTLE…Producer Peter Duguid…Thames TV…
Cast Inc…Nigel Planer…Derek Martin…
I’m cast as a publican and have a few words to say to Derek in one scene.
We chat later on about old times and Nigel looks a lot different than the last time I busted him in The Young Ones.

THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK.....Director Gareth Davies...BBC TV

(I appear as a vegetable seller about 2 minutes in)

I get a call from the production office to see if I would do one nights public liaison work on this episode. (Beggars can’t be choosers and I say yes)
I phone up Gypsy Dave and Bill Burns (two big lads) and head off to Earls Court Station to look after the crew for the night.
The director wants to do the shot at 11pm with a cast of two and a watching crowd of 500. (Mainly Aussies). To say it was hard work is putting it mildly.
The majority of the crowd were alright and watched the filming in silence as the actors went through their dialogue scenes. But there was one (there’s always one!) that wants to add words to the scene. Gypsy Dave was non too pleased... I’m asked by the production manager if I would have a quiet word with him. (That’s what I’m there for)
"Excuse me sir, but do you see my mate over there?" pointing out all six foot two of big Gypsy Dave.   "Yeah, what of him?"   "Well, he’s thinks you’re a pest and he would like to have a word in your shell like because you're keeping him from his bed....."
I felt a rush of wind as he fled past me, disappearing into the night! The rest of the onlookers clapped as I took a bow and the rest of the night’s work was a piece of cake.
We received a nice letter from the production department about a week later, thanking us for the cool and controlled way we handled the crowds that night, promising us lots more work if we wanted it. I don’t think so, do you?!

CASUALTY…Director Michael Brayshaw…Producer Garaint Morris…BBCTV…
My friend from Hideaway is now directing and he carts me off to Bristol to do this episode. I play a sleazy newspaper editor and I get a phone call from a friend (Tony Selby) who asks me for a favour..

Now it’s funny how we film these scenes because Tony is nowhere near me when I get to do my dialogue on the phone. Instead the young A.F.M. is sitting under my desk feeding me Tony’s lines.. I think we got it in one take.

Working as a plain clothes cop for a week but to watch the word perfect John Thaw work is like sitting in the theatre.. (Top man)

1987 Is a very quiet time for me but I managed to get odd days here and there as you should have read in my full list as compiled by Scott V Palmer.
I probably fitted some odd days on EastEnders but spent most of my time trying to get out of the shop.
One day a production team came in the shop and ask me if they could film in there for a day and they would pay 500.. (A months rent..)
"Of course you can!" I said.
On the day they filmed I had more crew in there than I would have had customers and the next day the customers were back to ask me what they were filming.
So I survived another month.

I'm out on this show to find a woman of the night but make a huge blunder.. See 2:30 minutes into clip...Some you win....

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