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Stephen Lewis's Web site - http://www.sterlingtimes.org

BBC Then and Now web site - http://www.bbc.co.uk/heritage/index.shtml

and the BBC Blue Peter website http://www.bbc.co.uk/bluepeter/

Paul Guntrip and his colleagues and pub mates for trawling the depths of their memories for a great many of the 50's programmes mentioned in these pages.

John Barclay for the Whirligig page images, for which I shall ever be grateful.

Richard White for his amazing Rubovia memories amongst other gems.

Kevin Finn from Cheshire for loads of theme tunes. Much appreciated Kevin, Thanks!

Gerry George for all his nostalgic recollections of television in the early '50s.

Mike Green from Lancashire for a selection of the theme tunes which he recorded on tape in the 50's and had the forethought not to destroy or reuse the tape for over 40 years! Many Thanks!

The John Rees Archive Collection - for more themes and TV programme introductions collected over the years and donated to Whirligig. Thanks John!

Ray Flight from Thailand for The Gray Ghost and Boots and Saddles information and pictures. Cheers Ray! Ray's website can be found here: Oh Boy!

Malcolm Batchelor for additional research for the Small Time page. Malcolm's definitive work on the programme is here

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