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Guy Williams as Zorro

Starring Guy Williams.

Zorro was the Superman of his time. Summoned home by his father Don Alejandro (George J. Lewis) to fight Captain Monastario, tyrant of the Pueblo de Los Angeles, young Spanish-Californian aristocrat Don Diego de la Vega pretended to be a lazy fop. Secretly, though, he was Zorro, and donned a black outfit at every available opportunity and set out to defend the oppressed peons.

Zorro and Sgt. Garcia

Zorro's sidekick was the mute Bernado (Gene Sheldon). Zorro's horses were Phantom and Tornado. Trying to capture him was the hapless, corpulent Sergeant Demetrio Lopez Garcia (Henry Calvin, above).

Scene from Zorro

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Zorro and Bernado

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