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Other Westerns

  Ritter and his horse 'White Flash' with sidekick Arkansas Slim Andrews'Tex Ritter'

This cowboy star of the 1930's appeared on television in the early 50's - a singing cowboy complete with guitar and Palomino. Ritter and his horse 'White Flash' with sidekick Arkansas Slim Andrews.

Flicka'My Friend Flicka'(1956-1958)

Set in the State of Wyoming around 1900. It starred Gene Evans as father Rob McLaughlin, Johnny Washbrook as Ken McLaughlin, and former film star Anita Louise as mother Nell McLaughlin.  (John Washbrook lived in London for two years (in the 1970's) attending the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, and worked in theatre, television and films). 

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(1955-1963) starred Clint Walker as Cheyenne Bodie.

A wanderer works his way across the American West. The series related the adventures of Cheyenne Bodie, a drifter who travelled the Wild West in the years following the Civil War. The hero was a fromtier scout, a strapping giant of a man who had learnt Indian skills and who now strayed from town to town, from job to job and from girl to girl. Constantly falling foul of outlaws and villains, Bodie was often on the receiving end of a severe beating. He did, however, enjoy some friendly company during the first series in the shape of Smitty (L. Q. Jones), a mapmaker. Of as much interest as the programme itself were the behind-the-scenes wrangles. When Clint Walker walked out after a legal dispute with Warner Bros, he was temporarily replaced in the lead by Ty Hardin as Bronco Layne. When Walker was reinstated, Hardin was not dropped but given his own spin-off series, Bronco.

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Clint Walker as Cheyenne Brodie

(1958-1962) starred Ty Hardin as Bronco Layne

Bronco Layne was a former Confederate officer who found adventure and action in the West after the War Between the States, meeting such famous (and infamous) figures as Jesse James, Billy the Kid and Belle Starr. The series evolved out of Cheyenne.

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'Renfrew of the Mounties' - James Newill starred as the singing Mountie in this rousing Yukon adventure series, full of action, suspense and good-natured hi-jinx. Refrew would saddle up in hot pursuit of counterfeiters, bank bandits, gold thieves and hijackers, and always got his man.

Gene Autry'The Gene Autry Show'

Western film star Gene Autry rode onto TV with this long-running series. With the help of his horse Champion, and with Pat Buttram by his side for comic relief, Autry would trot into town, help someone in distress, then end each episode with a song before riding off into the sunset once again. Typical plots would have Autry facing off against cattle rustlers, corrupt lawmen, and other frontier baddies.

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'Laramie' (1959-1962) starred John Smith, Robert Fuller, Hoagy Carmichael and Bobby Crawford, Jr. Set in the Wyoming town of the title in the 1880's.

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'Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp'

(1954-1957) starred Hugh O’Brien. The story of how, armed with his trusty long-barrelled Buntline Special .45 pistol and his Colt 45 Peacemaker, real-life Marshall Wyatt Earp imposed law and order on the West. First he cleaned up Ellsworth, Kansas before moving on to Dodge City and finally he tamed Tombstone, Arizona shooting it out with Old Man Clanton's gang at the OK Corral.

Wyatt Earp theme Wyatt Earp Theme


'Lawman' (1958-1962) The series followed the adventures of Marshall Dan Troop (John Russell), Sheriff of the wild west town of Laramie. Peter Brown co-starred as his young, unbridled Deputy, Johnny McKay

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Jack Kelly and James Garner'Maverick' (1959-1962) starred James Garner and Jack Kelly as brothers, Bret and Bart and they alternated roles, so that it was Bart starring one week and Bret the next. Garner was the more popular of the two, and some episodes featured both "brothers". Roger Moore was occasionally featured as Beau Maverick, the English cousin to the two brothers Maverick. This clever, subversive series turned the late fifties TV western on its head, featuring as it did a devious, cowardly card-sharp hero who relied on guile rather than guns and drifted from one easy opportunity to the next.

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'Colt .45'

(1958-59) - starred Wayde Preston as Christopher Colt and Donald May as Sam Colt Jr. (67 episodes)

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Wayde Preston in Colt .45

Bill Williams as Kit Carson'The Adventures of Kit Carson' (1952-54) starred Bill Williams (who was a former swimmer before making a splash with this series) as Christopher 'Kit' Carson and Don Diamond as El Toro. 104 episodes.

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Jock Mahoney as Yancy Derringer 'Yancy Derringer' (1958) starred Jock Mahoney as Yancy Derringer, X Brands as Pahoo Ka Ta Wah, Julie Adams as Amanda Eaton and Frances Bergen as Madame Francine (34 episodes). Yancy Derringer was a gentleman adventurer living in New Orleans, Louisiana, after the Civil War. Widely respected, he is hired by the city administrator, John Colton, as a secret agent authorized to help maintain law and order and justice in the city by any means necessary. Colton often arrested Yancy for breaking the law, though, when Yancy's methods were excessive. His constant companion is a Pawnee Indian who communicates with him only by hand gestures, and appears ready at a moment's notice to use the shotgun that he always carries.
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'Wanted, Dead or Alive'

(1958-60) Spin-off from 'Trackdown' Adventures of a western bounty hunter starring Steve McQueen as Josh Randall. (98 episodes)

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Steve <McQueen in Wanted Dead or Alive
'Adventures of Wild Bill Hickock' (1951-1958)

Starred Guy Madison as U.S. Marshal James Butler 'Wild Bill' Hickock and Andy Devine as Jingles.

Hickock's horse was called Buckshot and 300-pound Jingles rode Joker.

Madison and DevineJingles described Hickock as "the bravest, strongest, fightingest U.S. Marshal in the whole West." And that's about it: he beat up all the bad guys and somehow kept his good looks.

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Guy Madison was one of the most handsome TV actors of the 1950s. Despite his "pretty boy" reputation, he grew into the role and did a very credible job playing the western hero. And this series which may have been under-appreciated at the time turned out to be one of the most successful and longest running shows of the 1950s, lasting seven years and having many reruns for years afterwards.

'Tombstone Territory' (1957-60)

Sheriff Clay Hollister defended the law in "The Town Too Tough To Die" and did it with a no nonsense approach. The narration by Harris Claibourn editor of the Tombstone 'Epitaph' brought a sense of additional realism to this high quality show.

Pat Conway as Sheriff Clay Hollister with
Richard Eastham as Harris Claibourne, editor of the Tombstone Epitaph and
Gil Rankin as Deputy Charlie Riggs

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Tombstone Territory theme song, "Whistle Me Up A Memory" by William M. Backer

Pat Conway as Sheriff Clay Hollister
Dixck Jones as Buffalo Bill Jr. 'Buffalo Bill Jr.' (1955)

Starred Dick Jones as a young Texas marshal who is trying to raise his kid sister, Calamity, played by Nancy Gilbert, while living under the watchful eye of their adoptive father, Judge Ben Wiley (Harry Cheshire).

Buffalo Bill Jr. Cast:
Dick Jones as Buffalo Bill Jr.
Harry Cheshire as Judge Ben Wiley
Nancy Gilbert as Calamity
Horse: Chief

52 B&W episodes
Produced by Gene Autry's Flying A Productions

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