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'The Roy Rogers Show'(1955-1957)

starring Roy Rogers, and, of course, 'Trigger'

A modern era western for kids in which the singing cowboy played himself in a fight for law and order. Other regulars in the Double R Bar Ranch were his wife Dale Evans with her horse Buttermilk and their dog Bullet.

Roy Rogers was everyone's image of what a cowboy should be, from his white Stetson with its silver hatband to his hand-tooled boots. His face was strong and handsome with eyes that squinted yet still showed a twinkle. His smile was warm and reassuring. Whether he was wearing fringed Western wear or a checkered cowboy shirt, he was the epitome of what a cowboy should be. He was the picture of honesty and integrity. And was there ever a more exciting sight than watching Roy and Trigger riding majestically across the television screen or a rodeo arena? No wonder three generations of kids (and adults) wanted to be like Roy Rogers.

Roy and Trigger   Roy Rogers and Dale Evans with Trigger

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