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Tommy with Lassie


A boy and his dog... one of the most endearing shows of the early television years. Yes, Lassie seemed to have super-dog powers. But the story was actually about people, families... trying to make it in a small farming community.

Regular Cast:
George Miller "Gramps": George Cleveland
Ellen Miller: Jan Clayton
Jeff Miller: Tommy Rettig later Jon Provost
Semi-Regular Cast:
Sylvester "Porky" Brockway: Donald Keeler
Constable Clay Horton: Richard Garland
Jenny the operator: Florence Lake

Cast Photo

Click here Lassie Theme

This was the 3rd theme which featured a melody whistled by Muzzy Marcellino, used as Main & End Title during the time period that Jon Provost played the boy Timmy, Lassie's master from 1957 - 1964.

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