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Cisco and Pancho

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Starred Duncan Renaldo as the knight-errant title role and Leo Carrillo (then in his seventies) as his portly sidekick, Pancho.

Cisco and Pancho saw plenty of action as they galloped around 1890's New Mexico on Diablo and Loco meting out justice to black-hearted villains. They kept violence to a minimum, with Cisco confining himself to shooting guns from his opponent's hands, whilst Pancho was an expert with the whip.. Cisco was a bit of a dandy, dressed in his finely embroidered shirts and silver spurs with a gaint sombrero.. Pancho, however, loved his food. The adventures were played mainly for laughs and Pancho's terrible grip of the English language was used to the full.

Writer O. Henry created the Cisco Kid stories and the character had already appeared on film in the 1920's. Duncan Renaldo had previously played the part in the cinema and was in his 50's when the TV series was made. Leo Carillo was in his 70's. The series was, unusually,filmed in colour

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Duncan Renaldo as The Cisco Kid

  Pancho with Loco

Cisco and Pancho

Leo Carrillo as Pancho

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