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Gene Barry as Bat Masterson 'Bat Masterson' - starring Gene Barry (1958 - 1961). Bat Masterson was an Indian fighter, lawman, scout and professional gambler. With a derby hat, a gold-topped cane and clothes that were more suited to someone from New York than Tombstone, Arizona, he did not look like he belonged in the Old West! He preferred to use his wits and cane to disarm his enemies rather than his gun. He was a debonair, charming ladies man who roamed the Southwest sweeping women off their feet and helping to protect the innocent - mostly those who had been wrongly accused of crimes. The series was based on the real-life exploits of William Bartley "Bat" Masterson who was not quite as glamorous as Gene Barry's portrayal. He was, however, quite a character in his own right. The derby, cane and a specially designed gun were presented to him by the grateful citizens of Dodge City during his time as sheriff. He was also a very close friend of Wyatt Earp's. Bat Masterson's horse was named "StarDust."

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