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Robert Harbin

Robert Harbin

Robert Harbin was a great magician in his own right, he developed illusions of his own such as the "Neon Light Illusion" and is generally regarded as the man who made the transition from the great illusionists of the past to the modern magicians we know today. He was the first person to make a success of magic on TV in Britain starting in 1940 when he was able for the first time to bring magic to peoples homes and entertain huge audiences establishing his name as one of the pioneers of television magic. He was particularly remembered on TV for his presentations of paper folding (origami) items.

Robert Harbin and assistant

Robert Harbin with 'Fuzz'

Donald Hewlett and Robert Harbin with 'Fuzz'

Fuzz was a puppet character with extending arms from the Jigsaw children's TV programme and was designed by Rolf Harris.

The 100th. anniversary of Robert Harbin's birth was celebrated in February 2009. The Magic Circle are trying to find out whether the Fuzz puppet above is still in exsitence. If anyone has any information, please contact us by e-mail : mr.turnip@whirligig-tv.co.uk

'50s Luntoy model of Fuzz

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