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'Pinky and Perky' (1957)

Pinky and Perky characters

In the late fifties, two Czechoslovaks who had settled in Yorkshire in 1948 became famous as the creators of Pinky and Perky. They were Jan and Vlasta Dalibor, who were given a spot in the programme 'It's up to You' by Barney Colehan in 1956. The two pigs were hardly used in the act, and it was Colehan who suggested that they become a feature.

Pinky and Perky with cow

Pinky and Perky were twin boy pigs. Perky always wore a hat. and they danced and mimed to the pop music of the day. They ran their own television station PPC TV where they were joined by John Slater. The other puppets created by the Dalibor's and appearing on the show included Basil Bloodhound, Morton Frog, Vera the Vixen and Conchita the Cow with her long eyelashes and an endless supply of mice.

Those pigs again!

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Pinky and Perky Magic Painting Book
Pinky and Perky Magic Painting Book (Just add water!)

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