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Jungle Boy

An adventure series filmed in East Africa about a boy (played by Michael Carr-Hartley) who had been orphaned when his parents failed to return from a trip into the jungle. He lived in a treetop hut made of bamboo cane and leaves. His companions included Simba, a lion cub, Quaggo, a young zebra, and Cheetah, a sleek, fully grown jungle cat. Jungle Boy and Cheetah

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Publicity for the series from 1957:

"Take a 13-year-old white boy and a cheetah, the fastest living creature on four legs, and turn them loose in the African bush. Let them play together, and become involved in the day-to-day problems of survival in the Jungle.

The very idea is fantastic! Many people would never believe that it could happen. Yet this is what had to happen before Jungle Boy could be brought to television audiences. Perhaps the most extraordinary thing about this series of 13 half-hour films is the fact that all the animal shots are genuine.

Only one boy in the entire world could have starred in Jungle Boy - Michael Carr Hartley. The star of this series had to be a teenage white boy, with acting ability and outstanding personality. He must know East Africa, its people and its customs. But above all, he must know how to gain the confidence and respect of the animals - from pythons to elephants - and work with them without fear. Michael has these outstanding qualifications.

The other star is 'Cheetah', the devoted friend of Jungle Boy. Without them both, this amazing series could not possibly

have been made. Michael is the son of a famous animal-handler. He learned from babyhood to gain the confidence of all wild creatures. Viewers will look in vain for 'tricks' as Michael plays safely with animals normally considered dangerous. There are no such 'tricks' because Michael enjoys the complete trust of his animal friends.

Jungle Boy is quite unspoiled by any 'trick' shots. All its scenes are real and have been filmed on the spot in East Africa. There has never a series like it before. It is doubtful whether there will ever be a series like it again. A bold claim but once you have seen 'Adventures of a Jungle Boy' you will know it to be true."

(Mike Carr-Hartley is still living in Kenya and owns Carr-Hartley Safaris specialising in private luxury safaris)

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