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Caravan Time

Picture of the stage and audience

The Children's Television Caravan was an Outside Broadcast unit which traversed the British Isles during the summer for five years starting in 1956. It utilised a very large vehicle which, by letting down one of its sides, formed a miniature stage on which a team made up of a compere and master of ceremonies, two clowns, a pianist, and a drummer provided continually changing entertainment. Local children, chosen for their talent, appeared in this caravan theatre as a regular part of the programme.

The Caravan Time team make preparations for their summer tour. left to right: Jeremy Geidt (Caravan Showman), Barbara Hammond (Producer), Rosemary Gill (A.S.M.) and Joy Hyam (Producer's Asst).

It was compered by Jeremy Geidt with resident artists Clive Dunn (as Mr. Crumpet) and Elton Hayes.

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One show from Woburn Abbey had the Duke of Bedford (in what he called his "funny ducal clothes") and the masked Lone Ranger on the stage at the same time in front of 500 screaming teenagers in the pouring rain.

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