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George Cansdale

George Cansdale

George Cansdale was the Superintendent of the London Zoo in the 1950s and his first foray into television had begun with a squirrel in the summer of 1948 on 'Picture Page' transmitted from the studios at Alexandra Palace. This was followed by further programmes for children in which George Cansdale made animals appear almost human such as in 'Looking at Animals' and 'All about Animals' (1955). In 1952 the Television Society honoured his work by awarding him their medal for the best programmes of that year. As well as appearing in the studio, George also acted as compere to outside broadcasts from the London Zoo.

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'Studio E'

Vera McKechnie introduced Studio 'E'. One particular edition featured: George Cansdale, Superintendent of the London Zoo, and his animal guests; Ion Trant on his Welsh farm; Ossie Noble with Harold Taylor and Carlos with his pigeons; Reg Darnley and his holiday harmonica, and 'Packi', a strip cartoon about a baby elephant drawn by Tony Hart.

Snakes may seem rather frightening playthings, but they don't seem to be too bad when George Cansdale is there in the studio with you!

On Monday 30 September 1957, Studio ‘E’ began a six-part series presented by Gilbert Davey, a popular writer on radio construction for young people, showing viewers how to build a simple one-valve battery-operated radio receiver.
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