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'All Your Own' (1954)

Huw Wheldon and a group of childrenIntroduced by Huw Wheldon (later to become Managing Director of BBC Television). It offered youngsters a platform to show off their particular skills, such as model making or playing musical instruments.

Although in later years he chose to ignore the fact, it was here that Huw Wheldon first cut his teeth as a presenter. He had a brisk, no-nonsense manner which went down well with the viewers. He would stand, forever questioning, fingers spread over cheek, the little finger bent to the corner of his mouth, nodding in obvious interest as small boys explained how they made a boat out of matchsticks, or a Japanese child demonstrated how to make tea.

Having interviewed a small boy who had built a life-size harpsichord out of match-sticks, he turned all avuncular and posed the obvious question: 'And what do you plan to make next?' While waiting for an answer, he placed one hand on the instrument rather heavily. Sure enough, there was an ominous crunching noise from somewhere deep inside. 'Another harpsichord,' came the sad reply.

Then there was the time when an interviewee brought along his two prize pets - a mouse and an eagle. Huw launched into a long dissertation about how interesting it was that in the wild the one was the mortal enemy of the other, yet there they both were, getting on like a house on fire. At that moment, almost inevitably, the eagle gobbled up the mouse!

The classical guitarist John Williams made an early appearance on this show as did cellist, Jacqueline du Pré. Also the King Brothers destined to become famous pop stars in the sixties.

Huw Wheldon was not averse to a catchphrase, as with his concluding remark he always described next week's programme as: "Whatever else it will be, it will be well and truly.....all your own".

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Jimmy Page on 'All Your Own' in 1957

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