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The Saga of Noggin the Nog

Illustrated stories told by Oliver Postgate and drawn by Peter Firmin.

In the Lands of the North, where the black rocks stand guard against the cold sea, in the dark night that is very long, the men of the Northlands sit by their great log fires and they tell a tale...

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First broadcast in 1959, the initial Noggin episodes were made in black and white but later transferred to colour. The tales were about Noggin, the king of the Nogs, who was married to Nooka, an Eskimo, together with their young son Prince Knut. The Captain of the Guard was Thor Nogson, who was theoretically brave but actually rather nervous. The Court Inventor was Olaf the Lofty, whose creations never worked properly, and Ronf was a hot-tempered dwarf from the Hotwater Valley.

The king's wicked uncle, Nogbad the Bad, constantly tried to wrest the crown from Noggin assisted by his equally nasty but cowardly flock of crows. All of Nogbad's plots to assassinate Noggin failed but he always escaped to fight another day. One character of whom Nogbad was actually scared was Noggin's mother, Queen Brunhilda, Nogbad's sister-in-law.

Two other important characters were Graculus, a large green bird, who often came to Noggin's rescue in the nick of time, and Grolliffe a clerical grade ice dragon and Honorary Treasurer of the Dragon's Friendly Society who guarded their treasur in an ice cave where he spent most of his time fast asleep.

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Noggin the Nog Nogbad the Bad
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