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Max Robertson'Television Sports Magazine' (1950-51)

presented a fortnightly programme catering not only for the great body of knowledgeable sports fans but the thousands of viewers who had been introduced to sports via television. The aim of the programme was to focus on some topical aspects of a game, a point of technique or a point of procedure or rule, and call in the experts to find out what lay behind a particular problem. The programme was introduced by Max Robertson (left).

Sportsview bookPeter Dimmock'Sportsview' (1954-68)

The first TV sports magazine, introduced for many years by Peter Dimmock (right), the Head of Outside Broadcasting at the BBC. The programme's more memorable items included Roger Bannister's 4-minute mile, the Pirie-Zatopek duel at the White City and coverage of the Melbourne Olympic Games.

Sportsview was the first BBC programme to use a teleprompter. The programme was produced by Paul Fox and was later introduced by Brian Johnston.

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Junior Sportsview (1957-62) was presented by Danny Blanchflower and Billy Wright, Cliff Michelmore introduced.

Seeing Sport (1957)
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Kenneth Wolstenholme'Sports Special' (1956-61)

was introduced by Cliff Michelmore, with David Coleman and Kenneth Wolstenholme (left)

'Grandstand' (1958-2009)

Remains the BBC's longest running live sports series presenting a non-stop Saturday afternoon sports service, including football news flashes, half-time scores, and up-to-the-minute racing service and starting prices, and was axed by the BBC in 2009.

It was launched on 11 October 1958 and the first programme featured racing from Ascot, the basics of golf clubs and golfing and The Horse of the Year show.

Originally the various Outside Broadcasts were linked from Lime Grove Studios by Peter Dimmock who was the presenter for only two weeks, deputising for David Coleman (right) who introduced the programme until 1968.

Only two men have regularly read out the classified football results - Len Martin, until he died in 1995 and Tim Gudgin.

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