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Quatermass II Title

Starred Reginald Tate as Professor Bernard Quatermass

The foundation of British sci-fi TV, the BBC spent its entire adult drama budget on commissioning a script from Nigel Kneale, winner of the 1950 Somerset Maugham Prize for Literature. Their return was The Quatermass Experiment, (1953) an eerie and sessational story about a professorial scientist of that surname whose experimental spaceship returns to earth with its sole surviving occupant contaminated by an alien virus which subsequently transmuted him into a 100-foot vegetable. He is pursued eventually to Westminster Abbey where it takes its final refuge.

Quatermass II (1955) was a creepy alien invasion story set around a sinsister chemical plant in a remote part of the country. The Professor accidentally discovers an alien plan to take over the world by infiltrating human minds. John Robinson (left) was Professor Quatermass in this second serial. Hugh Griffiths, John Stone and Rupert Davies also appeared.

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The Hob

The third series, Quatermass and the Pit (1959) was a dark, cabalistic tale of the excavation of an ancient alien-insect capsule in Knightsbridge, London from which an evil influence still exudes. The mood-drenched drama excelled in eerie sound and visual effects. Starred Andre Morell (left) as Quatermass.

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