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ZOO QUEST (1954)

David AttenboroughDavid Attenborough became a television star reluctantly. He was originally the producer of the series and went onto the studio floor only under protest after the original presenter of the first programme could not cope with the technicalities of presenting a live programme.

The programme series travelled the world each year on expeditions looking for and collecting rare species needed by the London Zoo and filming their capture.

One of the most popularly remembered expeditions was the one made to Bali to capture a Komodo dragon in 1956.

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Video clip from Zoo Quest for a Dragon

Charles Lagus, cameraman to the expedition, films one of the traditional mimed legends of Bali which are part of every temple festivity
The trap is of Dyak design which David Attenborough learnt in Borneo. It is easy to construct and only local materials are used. The bait required is a dead goat
A Komodo dragon persuaded to reveal its presence by the attraction of a freshly killed carcass

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