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This is Your Life (1955 - 2003)

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The show became a heart-tug tradition of British TV. An unsuspecting celebrity was accosted by Eamonn Andrews and drawn into a TV studio in front of an audience, and made to endure publicly a retelling of his or her life via sundry 'surprise' guest's memories from their pre-celebrity lives.

Footballer Danny Blanchflower was among those who tossed the 'surprise' format on its head by walking off in a mixture of embarrassment and anger at the invasion of personal privacy.

Eamonn Andrews was the first victim. He had been signed up to be the programme's regular host. Ralph Edwards, who had created the show for US audiences in 1952 was flown over from the USA to conduct the inaugural programme but, after the Daily Sketch had spoiled the launch by revealing that the subject was to be Stanley Matthews, a new victim had to be found. Andrews expected boxer Freddie Mills to be the target. Instead it was Andrews himself.  

Eamonn then went on to host the show until his untimely death in the 1980's.

The theme tune was called 'Gala Performance' and was composed by Laurie Johnson.

Eamonn with Vera Lynn

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