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Scotland Yard (1953-61)

Also known as "Case Histories of Scotland Yard" it treated true-life cases from the annals of Scotland Yard Police HQ, London and was introduced by criminologist Edgar Lustgarten

Recurring stars were Russell Napier as Insp. Duggan, Kenneth Henry as Insp. Ross/Baker, Arthur Gomez as Sgt Mason. It originally started out as a theatrical second feature in cinemas in the 1950's and was then revived on British television.

Title screen:
" A dramatisation of one of the many crime investigations by the most celebrated police centre in the world - Scotland Yard"

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Theme music "Mailed Fist" composed by Cecil Milner

The series was made at Merton Park Studios in South West London by Anglo-Amalgamated Film Distributors / Anglo-E M I Film Distributors. Presented by Nat Cohen and Stuart Levy. Produced by Alec C. Snowden (1953-57, the first 26 episodes). Produced by Jack Greenwood (1958-61, the final 13 episodes)

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