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Interpol Calling (1959-60)

Charles Korvin as Inspector Duval

A highly charged crime series based on the files of the International Criminal Police Organisation with Charles Korvin (right, above) as Inspector Duval and partner Edwin Richfield (Inspector Mornay) involved in, largely, European murder, robbery, forgery, and narcotics busting. Signalling the action to come, the series always opened with a speeding driver crashing through a checkpoint and being fired upon by border guards.

Opening announcement:
'Set in a dignified building in Paris, lies the headquarters of the
International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol for Short).
Some of the most extraordinary stories in the annals of crime have
happened here. Interpol Calling tells just some of those stories'

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Made by Jack Wrather for ATV. Executive producer F. Sherwin Green. Producers Anthony Perry and Connery Chapell

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