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International Detective (1959-60)

Arthur Fleming as private eye Ken Franklin (right) with guest Derek Sydney

Starred Arthur Fleming as Agent Ken Franklin (right, above) in cases from 'The William J. Burns International Detective Agency' in New York.

Each story began with Ken Franklin being given his latest assignment by William J. Burns. Apart from the top of his head and his hand 'Burns' himself was never actually seen. While this was taking place an off-screen announcer told us that 'Though these stories are based on real cases from the secret files of the W. J. B. Detective agency, the names of clients and locations have been changed to protect their privacy". Produced in documentary style, the series was one of the best of its genre.

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Music by Edward Astley and Harry Roth. 'International Detective' theme music by Le Roy Holmes

Made by Delfry Productions for ABC Television. Executive producer A.Edward Sutherland, produced by Gordon L. T. Scott, associate producer Jeremy Summers and story editor Guy Morgan.

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