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Harry Worth

Harry Worth in levitation mode

My name's Harry Worth. I don't know why, but there it is!

Harry Worth Several comedy series built around the well meaning but muddle-headed and nervous Harry Worth and his ineffectual attempts to do the right thing. With the stalwart support of Hugh Lloyd (later to star in Hugh and I) and the opening credits of Harry appearing to levitate himself in the shop window.

His character was perfectly summed up in a scene where he attempted to by a rail ticket and asked the ticket-clerk for a return fare. "Where to, sir?" came the clerk's response. To which Harry replied innocently, "Well, back here of course!"

He lived at 52 Acacia Avenue with his cat, Tiddles and his, often referred to but never seen, aunt Mrs Amelia Prendergast. A semi-regular supporting cast of characters included his housekeeper, Mrs Benson (Doris Gambell) Alf (Joe Gladwin) and Tommy (Reginald Marsh).

"The Trouble with Harry" (BBC 1959-60)
"Here's Harry" (BBC 1960-65)
"Harry Worth" (BBC 1967-70)
"Thirty Minutes Worth" (Thames 1972-73)
"My name is Harry Worth" (Thames 1974)
"Oh Happy Band!" (BBC 1980).

Harry Worth Theme

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