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Fabian of Scotland Yard

One of TV's first police heroes, pipe-smoking Inspector Fabian of Scotland Yard would scream around the streets of the capital in a heavy Humber Hawk squad car. Through 39 episodes he stalked the wrongdoers and unravelled mysteries with quiet competence.


The series was based on the career of the former Scotland Yard Detective Inspector Robert Fabian (played by Bruce Seton, above right) who usually appeared briefly before the final fade-out to wind up the story.

Fabian's detection methods were the secret of his success using such innovations as forensic science which was being developed in the early 1950's.

Fabian of The Yard book

The series was shot on film and was re-edited into feature films for the cinema. These were released as Fabian of the Yard (1954) and Handcuffs, London (1955).

The introduction to the programme was as follows:

"In the nation's war on crime, Scotland Yard is the brain of Great Britain's man-hunting machine.

Routine, detailed science and tenacity; these are the weapons used by squads of highly trained men. Men like former Superintendent Robert Fabian, hailed by the press as one of England's greatest detectives!"

This was followed by ringing of a police car bell and screech of tyres and .....

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