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Boyd QC (1956-64)

Michael Denison as Boyd QC

This series, Britains answer to Perry Mason, reflected all the tragedy and melodrama of an English law court as seen through the cases of a barrister, Richard Boyd Queens Counsel, a respected and highly professional man-about-the-courts.

Boyd took on all manner of clients and his practice brought him into contact with a wide variety of criminal procedure. Usually hired as counsel for the defence, he could equally well find himself appearing for the prosecution. His credibility as a defence lawyer was unsurpassed but, unlike his American counterpart Mason, Boyd didn't always win his cases.

A serious documentary format which depicted the procedures and processes of English law, the series found instant success and ran for over eight years. Commendable in that every single one of its over 75-plus stories were written by one man, a real life court official, Jack Roffey.

Boyd QC - Michael Denison
Jack (his clerk) - Charles Leno

78 episodes x 30 mins.

Click Here! Boyd QC Theme (midi)
The theme is called 'Royalty' and was composed by Robert Farnon

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