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Alfred HitchcockCrime-mystery-fantasy anthology series hosted by famous film director Alfred Hitchcock and shown, initially, in half-hour episodes. The series featured nerve-gripping stories usually about shady characters who harbour some sort of guilty secret (wife / husband murderers, blackmailers, serial killers) and who ultimately become victims of their own devilry. Hitchcock's excellent though offbeat blend of cynicism and black humour in announcing the final comeuppance of the story's villain at the episode's close was only matched by his sarcastic remarks relating to the programme's US sponsor (referring particularly to the intrusion of the commercial breaks; pictured). After 265 halfhours, under producer Joan Harrison, the episodes were lengthened and became The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, with a further ninety-three episodes produced again by Harrison. Hitchcock himself took the director's chair for eighteen stories during the programme's original ten years.

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