The Navy Lark (1959-77)

Back Row: A.B.Johnson (Ronnie Barker), C.P.O. Pertwee (Jon Pertwee). L.T. (Michael Bates), A.B.Goldstein (Tenniel Evans). Centre: Lieut, Murray (Stephen Murray), Capt. Povey (Richard Caldicot), Sub. Lieut. Phillips (Leslie Phillips). Front: Wren Chasen (Heather Chasen) and Wren Cornwell (Judy Cornwell).

The Navy Lark was a spoof on the Senior Service and was one of the longest running comedy shows ever. The first series was set on an island off Portsmouth and later the antics took place aboard HMS Troutbridge. The crew consisted of the Number One, played by Dennis Price and later Stephen Murray, the Sub-Lieutenant (Leslie Phillips) a silly-ass whose cry of "Left hand down a bit" meant impending doom for whichever port they were docking in, or whatever vessel was nearby, and Petty Officer Pertwee, played by Jon Pertwee.

Other characters were (Un)Able Seaman 'Fatso' Johnson and Lieut-Cmdr Stanton (both played by Ronnie Barker), Able Seaman Goldstein, The Governor - Sir Willoughby Todhunter Brown, and the crusty Admiral (all played by Tenniel Evans).

Richard Caldicott as Commander Povey, Heather Chasen as the Commander's secretary, and Michael Bates made up the other cast members. The series was devised by Laurie Wyman.


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The signature tune was composed by Tommy Reilly and James Moody and is called "Trade Wind Hornpipe"


.Johnson gets a ticking off

Leslie Phillips

The Crew

Jon Pertwee

Cover of Radio Times for 11-17 October 1959
Cover of Radio Times for 11-17 October 1959 showing Stephen Murray, Heather Chasen, Leslie Phillips, Richard Caldicott and Jon Pertwee

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