The Billy Cotton Bandshow

"Wakey Wa-a-a-key!"

Wakey Wakey!
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Billy Cotton Bandshow Theme

Signature tune

Billy Cotton

The famous cheery bandleader and ex-racing driver, Billy Cotton, was the star of this Sunday lunchtime series on the Light Programme from 1949. By 1962 he had bellowed his weekly 'Wakey-Wakey!' 500 times, and the show still had six more years to run. Alan Breeze, Doreen Stephens and Kathie Kay appeared in each show.

A bit of hamfisted comedy crosstalk was included each week (e.g. 'Hey, you down there - you with the glasses!') scripted by Clem Bernard.

Programme Ending sound clip
Programme Ending

The Singer in the Band - Alan Breeze biography cover
Alan Breeze's biography is written by his daughter Michelle and is available from his website here

Billy Cotton's theme tune was "Somebody Stole My Gal"

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